The Legend Lake

The lake, where legends are born…

About us

The Legend Lake is located in Heves county, between the city of Füzesabony and city of Szihalom next to the highway Nr3.


The gravel pit is located 120km far from both Budapest and Debrecen. Can be reached with a one-hour-drive by car from both directions on the M3 motorway.


Gravel mining began here at the beginning of the 1960s. A few years late, in the mid-60s, the first fish were arrived. Until the beginning of the 2010s, the lake was managed by an association. From that period until today it was unmanaged, there was no fishing activities on the lake. After a long time, the opportunity for angles to challenge themselves on this unadulterated, 30 hectares gravel pit, is available again.

Our swims

All 7 swims on The Legend Lake come with a modern wooden house, that meets all needs of your stay.


Swim Nr1.

From this swim you can fish the following spots: an island, reedy and open water.


Swim Nr2.

From this swim you can fish an open water.


Swim Nr3.

From this swim you can fish an open water and a reedy area.


Swim Nr4. (AVAILABLE: 2024.03.30)

Peg Nr.4 is located on a half-island. On the left hand there is a smaller island, in the front there is an open area.


Swim Nr5. (AVAILABLE: 2024.03.30)

In front of Peg Nr.5 you can find an area with lots of depths changes. In front of the stage, there are a lot of reeds and trees in the water.


Swim Nr6. (AVAILABLE: 2024.03.30)

Peg Nr.6 has the largest area to fish on. There are a lot of shallow and deep areas, so the bottom changes a lot through this sector.

If you think serious, choose us! Here is why:

1st Reason

Gravel pit lakes present enormous challenges.

2nd Reason

Here is a really good chance to catch your PB!

3rd Reason

You can relax in a comfortable wooden house with family or friends

4th Reason

Fishing on our lake is now starting for the first time in many years, the water is still unknown to everyone!

Book now, don't miss one of your greatest adventures!

Start packing your bags, because The Legend Lake is waiting for you!

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